Basic Imagery of the Ghosts

Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are the four ghosts depicted in the Pacman universe created by Jehova in order to slow Pacman down. Pacman then created Power Pellets in order to stop the ghosts from killing him. He then started eating them, only to have them reincarnate. Faced with impossible odds, he bravely continued eating them until he hit Critical Mass. They are found on The Board.

Ghost BoxEdit

Main Article: Ghost Box

The Ghost Box is a place where the Ghosts are trapped in a continuous reincarnation chain. It is also where Pac-Man sends those who would dare challenge Pac-Man's authority, the evildoers and terrorists of Pac-Mania to, whom are then screamed at by the Ghosts for all of eternity. Victims of Pac-Man's wrath do not return from the Ghost Box and almost always go insane after developing a severe case of tinnitus.

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