A common offering to Pacman in hopes of rebuilding Cheezus.

Cheezus [chee - zuhs] (Alternatiely: Cheesus) is Pac-Man's child. He was born when Pac-Man underwent asexual reproduction, commonly associated with binary fission, wherein Cheezus was split from Pac-Man's body, forming a V-shaped cavity in Pac-Man's head giving him an orifice used as a mouth. Pac-Man used his newfound capablities to consume The Ghosts, whom were created by Jehova. This led to Pac-Man's Critical Mass, which resulted in the creation of the entire universe.

Story Of CheezusEdit

Cheezus was the savior of the universe in the Great War, which took place on Earth. Legend has it that Cheezus was imbued with all of humanity and the animal kingdom's brute strength and intelligence in order to see how long the humans could survive on their own, and if they were worth saving when the next Critical Mass hit. Cheezus eventually outwitted Pac-Man's generals by splitting into several heroes in order to take on every general at once, ultimately catching them by surprise and leaving them in defeat. Jehova then made Cheezus' fragments homosexual to inhibit them from breeding or rebelling against Pac-Man again.